Tellus Terror


Undoubtedly tellus was a cradle
For uncountable species, and still is
A big rock terraformed in space, a titanic contraption
Molded through intense heat and astonishing sub-zero cold

Big bang, our home is being shaped
The space is spitfiring boulders on tellus
Big monoliths accommodates over grounds
Life is getting built, through chaos around

Gravity is forcing the seas to wave our coasts
Making fine shapes in every details

Tellus was terraformed
So we all were too
Living with felicity
Destined to be doomed

Whoever created this
Whoever planned this
Got us born into bliss
And let us die in debris

Shaped our home, and still is changing
No matter the differences, we were born from the same
Unimaginable forces, from this wonderful event
Lets take our time, 'cause one day we'll be gone
For brand new specimens adapt in future shapes

Terraformer determines who will stay
Can you bear, to live in such a changing home
It's hard to think that even a small bug
Can be stronger than us in the end, and survive
The non-stop terraforming