Tellus Terror


One day we will know the truth!

Almost 14 billions years ago, the universe was once in an extreme, hot and dense state
Which exploded and expanded rapidly, causing the universe to cool down
Resulting in its present continuous expanding state
Who knows what wonderful and terrifying things those stardusts have transformed into

With cooled down energy, protons, neutrons, and electrons
Combined to form the hydrogen, along with traces of helium
Giant clouds of these primordial elements would coalesce
In our galaxies the heaviest elements would be synthesized

Our life history began back in almost 4 billions of years ago
Meteorites carried to tellus our first molecules, so life could breed by itself
Meteorites found on earth, suggested that dna components adenine
Guanine and related organic molecules, may be formed extra terrestrially, in outer space

Dust from the stars is what we are
What we can expect from our galaxy
It is a thrive expectation, or we are all damned
Either way, we're all gonna die!
Could in death humans thrive?

Stardust, stardust, stardust we are
Stardust, stardust, stardust, forever we'll be
Stardust, stardust, stardust, my future is unknown
Stardust, stardust, stardust we are