Tellus Terror

Brain Technology

I look at you, and your eyes are so empty
From my porch I see the infertile fields
They are so dry, just like all of our hearts
I feel like my life would depend on a new morning sun
What is left
Somber spirits
Faded hope
Happy memories lost

It's no problem of mine, but it's a problem I find
For you to say the words that I can't say
Why can't we be ourselves like we always were
The wisdom of a fool won't bring salvation
Ask me no questions
And I'll tell you no lies
This is where it starts
And this is where it will end

My dear, come to my arms I'll feed in your tears
Let me comfort you when love and death embrace
Death waits for no one one day my brain
Our valued destiny comes to nothing will be pure technology
I don't think you're what you seem the past is your present
We're like crystal, we break easy the future is mine

After we get to know
The real death through
Absolute oblivion
Our hearts turns into
Anyone's worst nightmares
Die with me?
That's all we've got