Pencil Marks


First grade after school
My dad came to my bedroom
Said "Hurry son, you're gonna miss the bus. Get dressed and brush your teeth."
Then he stopped me down the hall
Said "You're way too young to be so tall"
And I felt invincible, as cool as cool could be
He put up against the door right before I left
And drew a pencil line just above my head

And that mark on the door
Is just higher than the one before
Wasn't much but I knew then
Someday I'd be big like my dad
'Cause growing up is huge
From a kid's point of view
I'd stand up straight to see how far apart
He drew those pencil marks

High school was good to me
Shot up like a rocket
Suddenly my world had changed
I was seeing things a little different than before
Not a boy not quite a man
Just old enough for my Uncle Sam
My dad helped me pack my duffle bag
Then he walked me to the door
He said I'm proud of what you're doing
Just know that while you're gone
I'll be counting down the days 'til you come home

With marks on the door
From the ceiling down to the floor
Marked up wood to anyone else
But not to me and my dad
'Cause every day is huge
When someone back home is missing you
I'll soon be coming home and it all starts
With these last few pencil marks

I'm all grown up now with a son of my own
Yeah he's Grandpa's little man
Spitting image of his dad
And on his tippy toes he stands in front of me

For a mark on the door
That's barely three feet from the floor
Isn't much but I know now
Someday he'll be big like his dad
For me that is huge
From this man's point of view
Life goes on as one great work of art
With these brand new pencil marks

With my brand new pencil marks