Terrors in the Whale


This shipmates this is that other lesson
and woe the pilot of the living God who slights it
Woe to him who seeks to pour oil upon the waters
when God himself has brewed them into a gale!

Woe to him who seeks to please rather than to appal!
whose good name is more to him than goodness!
Woe to him who would not be true
even though to be false were salvation!

Delight is to him who gives no quarter in the truth
and kills burns and destroys all sin
and kills burns and destroys all sin

The ribs and terrors in the whale
arched over me a dismal gloom
While all God's sun-lit waves rolled by
and lift me deep down to doom

I saw the opening maw of hell
with endless pains and sorrows there
Which none but they that feel can tell
Oh I was plunging to despair

I have striven to be thine
More than to be myself or my own
And I have given all that was mine
Just to kill burn and destroy all sin