Infernal Abomination of Death

Heaven carved with sigils of hideous unknown.
Gateways to invoke unspeakable madness.
Infernal mantras vibrate at different dimensions.
Exalting the terrible and mighty name

*sadist acts of ghoulism
Doxology of darkness
Inhuman cannibalistic lust
Morbid spells ...

*anointed by blood of the holy headless host
Eternally tormented, devil's guest
In a circle of demons
Where impure abnormalities manifest

*tortured sexual fluids fuel the trident hell
Iron flames arise in phallic ectasy
Candent sword and sterile chalice copulate
Sacrouterine burning furor
Sexual butchery of flames, consecrated ashes

H*alluzinations summoned
... the 10th month unborn,s painful yell
...the horrible noise of the scratches within
...the stench of the melted abhorrence

*nasty mirages of bizarre intercourses
Blurred by the tears of children's white eyes.
Vexed by leper dogs astride spluttering love.
The infant hoax king atrophied
The ninetryish whore defiled

Earth carved with sigils of forseen horror.
Tombs of firmament desecrated, opened gates.
Psalms of destruction announce the end of the rite.
The terrible and mighty name... invoked!