Tehace (Polonia)

The Oracle (Zipped Noise from Earth)

Zipped noise from hell

Civilization deviation

You still have speeding the ones up
By those who desire consolation
Valued independence
Burning faster
Our flame fades away

Before our flesh will be glown embers
Endless speed fighting for priority
Will make, we create a great oracle
We need the new real god

Great digital emancipation
The new different religion
Creation of the common consciousness

A man in a human world
Seeks non-human perception
Only ignoramus can say
Possible is to raise up if it
Humanoidal fantastic
Is only picture od ours dreams
Naive demands cosmic creation
Like brain the truth about itself

I'm sure you think
If you can think, my dear friend
That you will know someday
The truth about yourself
From where you come from and where you are going to
Our helplessness of the facts
Explores unsuccessfully everything

Swallowed one's draught of every day
We wish to have knowledge
Subordinated to artificial intelligence

It will kill us and itself
Independent logic dissolution

Zipped noise from eart
Zipped noise from hell