Sacred Gate

The Immortal One

I have come set
The earth on fire
I bring devastation
And destruction
Armies will clash and
Men will slaughtered
Once again
Hades' gates shall open

I'm on the side of those
Who fight without fear
When mankind calls
My name death is so near
I am the warrior's prayer,
The blood on his sword
I am the immortal one,
The God of war

Son of zeus, we praise
Your sacred name
Give us the strength
To surmount our pain
Lead us into battle,
Give us courage
We'll take revenge
For our fallen comrades


I am the one who shaped
Your destinies and
Taught you the art of war
Ecstasy, madness,
Lust for blood

Flesh is my bread and
Blood is my wine
Towns will burn and
Countless men will die
For your never ending
Thirst for blood
Lords of war
You are my chosen ones


For ever and ever
I'll reign on the earth!