Sacred Gate

Gates Of Fire

Glory and honour must be
Earned by spear and sword
This is what they taught us
Since the day we were born
Campaigns fought and
Comrades lost, victories
Paid with the blood
And the lives of our beloved
Brothers in arms

For once again
We march to war
No fear of pain,
No fear of death
We'll not disgrace
These sacred arms
We'll not disgrace
Our city and king
We'll never surrender
Not retreat!

For the glory of sparta
We will fight
For freedom
We'll sacrifice our lives
At the gates of fire
We will stand!
At the gates of fire
We will die!

We live to fight, to obey
The laws this is our way of life
A glorious death is what
We seek, we dream
Of him at night
Our round shields,
Made of wood, covered
With greek bronze
Will protect our comrades
To the left until we'll fall