Sacred Gate

Defenders (Valour Is In Our Blood)

The council of war
Has made a decision
The gates of thermopylae
Is where we will fight
We'll draw our defence line
At this narrow pass
While the athenian fleet
Will face them at sea

Thespians! Tageans!
Locrians! Arcadians!
Phocians! Mantineans!
Thebans! Corinthians!
We'll make a stand
We'll defend the pass

We'll fufdill our duty
To win or die
We'll make a stand,
We'll defend the pass
Thoughness boldness,
Valour is in our blood

300 Of us,
Who leave sons behind
With our support troops
And other allies
We march out knowing
There is no return
Shoulder to shoulder,
We'll fight to the death