Mad Happy

Wake Up


Fighting biting out o control
Loosin my teeth losin my soul
The old witch knows what i'll go through
She's seen the end and she's telling me to

Wake up, wake up

Ghastly ass attitudes come to bed
Every night i go head to head
Personification fear and greed
Toss me aroun like a tumbleweed

Wake up, wake up

Runnin around with a heart of foam
Achin and shakin i only roam
Through the ruins of the danger zone
Hell in a bathroom i have no home

In this dream i've been havin for weeks
The old crone grabs me by the cheek
Pulls me close and begins to talk

I'm a beautiful body but nobody will look
I'm a bus full o kids rollin off the dock
I'm accused of murder but i can't talk
I'm allowed to leave but the door is stuck

I'm ablunt gettin smoked and i can't wake up
I'm a truck on a hill and i can't stop
I'm assuming the worst cause it always reverts
And i'm certain that my bubble is about to burst

Wake up, wake up

Mysteruous deats in ya family tree
Question marks in ya ancestry
Has one o yall ever died peacefully
Only ever stories o tragedy

Wake up wake up

Buckets of blood spilled by
Women who give the evil eye
If i's not a chase it'll be a fight
Hope i never dream tonight

Wake up, wake up

I'm gonna change these wayward ways
With which i've lived for ten thousand days
Memory is basically a stressfull haze
Runnin' from the demons i'm supposed to face

Wake up, wake up