Mad Happy

Shortbus Riders


Theater is silent, lights are dim
Curtains parted, kid about 10
Standing on the corner, lookin' forlorn
Backpack droopin' below the shoulders
Hair is greasy, the pants are torn
high waters, with a patch in the knee
Half tucked-in, a stretched out tee says
Looks into the crowd and begins to speak

Children we all are
New as the morning
Wild the dreams we entertain
Winding paths we travel
Offer endless possibilities

Shortbus riders, pick me up to
They don't want me, on the big one
Let me come with you

Forget about the theater, it's a TV Set
Streets are empty, Slick and wet
Kid about 18, Dressed in fatigues
Get out the elevated subway train
Unlock a ten speed and ride off, in the
Rain, montage ridin' 'round
fact'ries, ware'ouses, shipyards, and broke down
Trucks 'n cars, stoppin' at da' brown
Door, swing open to da' sound

Soft is the gaze and
Softer the heart that's
Roaring in it's lair again
Creatures of the jungle all come
Out tonight and shake the trees

Forget about the theatre, forget the TV
It's a full hallucination, on L.S.D.
A glowing apparition, emerges from the trees
It might be a figure from your childhood religion
Maybe from a story
When your mama used read you to sleep
You can't quite recall but it
Feels like a happy ghost, and you smile
Touch your companion who yav loved for a while
But ya both been livin in a state o denial

Beasts of the east
Come feast on the meats
'Till only tactile sense remains
Sanctify the libertine all
Tangled up in exstacy