Suicide Song

"Death! Oh Come To Me,
Close My Eyes And Open Doors
Take My Soul And Separate
From Sinful, Mortal Flesh" -
- You Desperately Cry:

"I Want To Die!
I Want To Be Dead!
I'm Glad That I
I Dared To Apply
Lady Of Eternal Light
Dressed All In White".

And You Feel Your Soul
Like A Trembling Bird
Encaged In Your Flesh
Asking To Be Free.
Break The Cage!
And You See Your Blood
Pulsing Under Skin
Asking To Be Free
Let It Out!

So You're Firm In Your Decision
Just Choose The Way:
What Will It Be?
A Rope? A Bullet? A Razor?
Yours Is The Final Word.
But It All Amounts To The Same,
Does It Not?