Dark City Where I Live

Alone in the dark streets, in this city of chaos
I walk through sober places
Where people of the underworld sell themselves
Where disasters happens everywhere

My head is full of whiskey and dizzy I walk through space
With nothing more to think, only with open eyes
My ears listen to the sound of steel

Some whispers and sighs, hidden by a thousand screams

In the dirty corners / Where the living don’t walk anymore
The blood is marking
In the dirty corners / Where I can’t stay
I feel the smell of death in the air

Running without direction to protect myself from the rain
Im praying for the shadows of the alleys don’t come to bother me
And still im of life. But I feel hungry eyes watching me
Ready to devour my thin flesh

And the achool? I wont wait for something to happen
Even with my sick stomach
I still have strength to run away
Under the few masts lit


The shinning sky, burning with the brightness of the sun
Sunny morning, departs the evil away
Burning the shadows and hiding me

But what about tomorrow?
My fear has gone for this day.
Maybe then ill stay alive.