At The House Of Sorrow

Attempt Of Suicide
Now You Can Not
Answer The Question: Why?

Your Veins Are Healing
You're On Your Way
To House Of Sorrow
In Strait Waist Coat.

Physicians Drive You Mad
Instead Of Healing You
They Read Your Eyes So Bad
Ignoring All Your Pleas
They All Label You Unstable.

They All Say You're Crazy!
But You're Just Fed Up With Life.

Cruelty Of Your Doctors, Hatred,
Medicines Destroy Your Brains
And Body Life.
Hundreds Of Their Injections, Tablets
Turn You Into A Mutant Animal.
Cannot Resist No More
Falling Into Your Dream.

So You Are Not Yourself,
You're A Spaniard,
You're A Fighting Bulls,
You're A Torero,
Your Cloak And Sword At Hand
And The Crowds Roar?