Jacob Borshard

First Girlfriend

First girlfriend, first girlfriend,
I still remember that winter,
Yeah I`ve had other girlfriends,
But only one when I was a beginner.
I was so happy just to get what I`d been wishin`,
Prettier than a Titian,
First girlfriend.

First girlfriend, first girlfriend,
The perfume, the platinum,
The stockings, with garders,
What she had you couldn`t help but look at them,
I was ready to apologize for anything she did,
Except for when she left,
First girlfriend.

And when she left,
It killed me,
And it took me years to fix it,
But now that I can see her clearly,
I have the strength to kiss her,

First girlfriend, first girlfriend,
Tell me was I really that silly,
I`m a whole lot smarter now,
But never will I be so pretty.
Sometimes I catch her perfume floating on the wind,
And we`re in the snow again,
First girlfriend.