H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

The worst Hotel

The worst hotel in which I did stay
Was the Gilman House in Innsmouth, M.A.
The bed where I lay reeking of cod
On a strange winter's night in Innsmouth was odd,
Hotel , that smell, oh well,
Checked in a room with a fishy smell.

The bald concierge so loudly did croak,
"We do not take kindly to no city folk!"
He scowled and he glared through distended eyes,
Like a fish that was wearing a human disguise.
Hotel, that smell, oh hell,
Everything had a rotten squid smell.

I called down the room service for food.
A hideous woman delivered it nude.
She belched through her gills, "Take me for wife!"
I fled out of Innsmouth afraid of my life.
Hotel from hell, hotel, that smell!
Run for my life from that ichthyic smell.