H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

The Deep One Song (Solstice in R'lyeh)

Dave: All right you Deep Ones, ready to sing your song?

Goroth: I say we are!
Tython: Yeah!
Pht'thya L'yi: Let's sing it now!
Dave: Okay, Goroth?
Goroth: Okay!
Dave: Okay, Pht'thya L'yi?
Pht'thya L'yi: Okay!
Dave: Okay, Tython? Tython? TYTHON!!?
Tython: OKAY!

Solstice, Solstice time is near:
Time of darkness, time of fear.
Deep beneath the ocean's waves,
We're Cthulhu's willing slaves.

When the stars are all aligned,
Then we'll mate with humankind.
Join us on that fateful day
For Solstice in R'lyeh.