Hockey Night

For Guys Eyes Only

Ah yeah, she's coming around now
It's taken so long
But then again I guess I could never
Understand why it's never been easy
The water was rough
But don't you love when it's breezy
Don't you love it?

Ah yeah now, it's coming around now
It's been coming away
I know he's never been wrong
He tells me every day
Why we never believe why
The things I say
I said my words in a song
I'm singing every day

Five, five, five
This is for the guys
Who go: one, two, three four
Five, six, seven, eight, nine
Nine, nine, Channel 9
It's all right
We flip crazy drip, drip style
Lips no, never, no
And you that we mean well
When it takes so long
I see the lights are just drippin'