Aya Hirano

Riot Girl

Laughing, love and lies always begin in the same way
You can't start saying the demon caught a slight fever my darling
I'm just your baby doll
Such a dream is unsatisfactory
Wow?Wow? You pretend to be noticed

Being gentle, Being lovely
Waiting while embracing the bag of glass
Leading the others away, you know "I'll get you, Baby!"

Hastening the end, it's really the ideal for the future
Creating a riot in the center
If you can't get to everyone, open things up
Thinking through our way, it'll probably shine!

Like always, I was wrong
Really childish, I was upset my darling
Wow ... Wow ... What will you do next?

However, we're scared
But not before, just like a prince's kiss
Here, you see me "You want me, Baby!"

Thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow, and the past
Blowing away in the middle of a storm
It's also behind the way
I dressed really cool, right?

The plain gauze rages
I "hate" the temptation
Look, let's have some fun "Let's go ahead, Baby!"

I was going to end up here
Certainly it wouldn't come to this future
Now, start turning, in the center of the world
Running somewhere? I can't imagine
That's because I can RIOT GRRRL