Sun disappear behind the hills
No stars, no moon just thunder and winds.
Trees grow up upon your walls
Becoming the night's claws
Which tear you in your sleep
Viscous body cold blood
I'm a snake !!! (i'm your snake)
In your veins flows my venom
I'm your nightmare !!! (nightmare)
Sleep my little
I will form in your fears
You think i am an illusion
I am real
In a dark dimension i run to you
Run !!! run !!! for your soul
I read in your fears like an open book
Eight paws of terror
I'm a spider !!! (i'm your spider)
Spinning my web under your bed, catch you in your sleep
I'm your nightmare !!! (nightmare)
In a no way hall, you run to the light
Thinking you'll find your paradise
In a cold sea, you swim around sharks
Trying to reach the bank, hoping to be free
I make your soul a padded room
I am your strait jacket
Imprisoning you in your body
In your body
I'm your nightmare !!!
Your worse nightmare