The Speed Of Light

The speed is fast
I am the best
But i am not well
I go to hell
I speed of light
In the dark of night
I am afraid
Because i had said

The speed of light will
But before i go kill
I go to hell feared
The list was related
Infernal black list
Before all, I first
It was me who saw those things
Those young beings

Not tried the rings
The man who sings
I hope it brings
The rings and things

I was black magic
Were logical way
Because I was gothic
Were the red rays
I looked in the sky
The birds were my
I go to hell
I'm not so well

The rings are sacred
And are conducted
By a yellow ball
Hidden in a hall
A cold and dark room
Illuminated under the light of the moon
Therefore go to hell for not visiting the devil
From now on i can not do evil

Not tried the rings (the speed of light)
The man who sings (in the darkness of night)
I hope it brings
The rings and things

The speed of light
Darkness of night
Look for the ring
And other things