The gypsy told me the future

The gypsy read my hand
She said the dark will come
What will destroy the Force
The strength of the black

She told me that everything will be destroyed
The planet will break
Ignorance is the source of the people
Everything that we extend to evil

The compatibility of geniuses will not exist
Only there will be fights and deaths
Shootings and Genocide
What remains now?

Discounts on the Roma, staff
If it is true or false
Who said it was
She deserves the death

The gypsy told me
He said to me spread
Otherwise I would save
And I would spread the pain

Try to change despite being impossible
Massacres and killings future
Do not forgive our past
The strength of injustice is upon us

What you think of that?
Will not say anything?
But that cowardice
United make the force