Brave-hearted cold warrior

I am a warrior of noble heart
My honor I won the individual time
Make every minute of my achievements
I am a warrior open-minded

I left home and left my family to fight
I know what I think will not be used to help me
My arms will be necessary for me to focus on the battle
But the paths of evil in the heart of the deaths and other unfair shake me

This is the merit of our injustice in front of others
I can not see people dying because of our irresponsibility
The minds who strive for nothing has only evil, have no flexibility!
The resources we take is the fruit of our need oblique
Bright! Never have the cunning to beat touching the strong, hit the poor

I can not leave my influences
No longer the consequences
A world with wars - attracts people who lack the decency!
The repudiates the deaths deficiencies

The curse fell on me
Die tomorrow at dawn
A warrior of the opposition
Stick your sword in my heart

My time is saved
Pass a maximum speed
I will not have time to see
But can feel

I am a warrior, die for you
I am a fighter, the victory will be revenge
I am beloved, your blood will fall for me
What does not die for killing innocent people
I am the brave-hearted cold warrior