(spoken)the night has begun my friend
The last light of the sun has drained from the sky
Your limbs are tired from your work and play
Why not go to sleep where you lay

Come come to me
Come come to me
Come you to me
Come come to me

Verse 1
Snuggled safely in your bed
Thunder crackles over head
When you're hiding from the night
Safe from evil thats outside

You cant feel it in the day
When the night comes you are prey
Feasting crawling in your mind
With a lust to satisfy


Verse 2
Then the nightmare comes awake
Sleep was such a bad mistake
Hidden in another life
Just another sacrifice

Things you'd never want to do
Feel so real yet so untrue
All are hiding in your brain
Not a concious cause of pain


The nightmare went away
But now it's back to stay
The nightmare's here beside you
Or creeping up behind you
In slumber we defend
From how it's gonna end
While hiding through the day
At night it makes you pay

Solo steve
Solo tom

Section c
They've make a great mistake
My lust for blood is great
The shackle on my wrist
Delays the beast inside
They made their last mistake
They say their last goodbye
Time cant hold the chain
And i cant keep my mind

Verse 3
As you wake up in the day
Beads of sweat the night betray
Of the stories of the night
Of your struggles of your strife

Your mind is now at a rest
Passing through the nightly test
Now your mind is getting clear
Just be glad to be still here


(spoken) and now you know of what i speak
The lusts that haunt you when you sleep
Be a bit more thankful for your life
And your control and concious mind