Gabi Henriques


Got you up at 6,
And i couldn't fall asleep
All of this seems so surreal for me to believe
The lights turn on around
And we're walking side by side
It's just a moment
But it could last a lifetime

You say our love is just a script we gotta read
You say whatever's fake love just can't reach

OH, can you reach out to my hand?
can't you see i'm trying
to hide, but i'm showing all away
When you hold me tightly
Oh can you reach back to the past?
and see that i'm still crying
for all the time i had to wait
to kiss you just this time
I know
I'm afraid
I'm denying this is happening again
But i can't reach to you.

Shut the door behind
be quiet for a while
let's enjoy this moment
for as long as it lasts
Do you realize
how uncovered i am when you smile?
i'm feeling fine

You say we both have plans , the future is ahead
But can I reach the future remembering the past?


And now you look at me so unpretencious
You try too hard, cause with you it just cant be happening
And now you kiss me with the least of your intentions
Can you try a litle harder to pretend you're at least thinking?
this must be it
we must be something
But we still just don't know it
Could you turn this into the thing
that would rebuild all my picies?

Oh can you reach out to my hand?
cant you see i'm trying to hide
but i'm showing all away
when you hold me tightly
So, let's just reach back to the past
and dry out all the crying
cuz, all i want i have in you
so just make it last forever.