Earth (Australia)

The Undead

I was born a God
Awakened by the dawn of
the dying
Been asleep
for generations
Awake now rising

3000 Years at the base
of Inubis
Suffering a curse of
the undead
Soon to be living
Suffering the Humdai
I am the undead
Awake now rising

I am the bringer of death
The ruler of this world
Bringer of the plagues
I will make you all
my slaves

I will not eat
I will not sleep
I will not stop
Until all are mine
Until all are dead
Any my world divine
I am the undead
Brought back to life
I am the undead
Taker of life

Now I am your ruler
Your father
Your messiah
Back from the dead
To bring you hell
and torment

Death comes with me
And the ten plagues
of Egypt
As the world dies
And the waters turn
to blood
As the sky falls
Plagued by locusts
And the stars are
turning black
Bring hells fire

I am the bringer of souls
The killer of mankind
The final taker of life
I am your god
I am the UNDEAD