Why They Don't Fuck Wit Us

I use colorful words, you've probably heard
From somebody else's lyrics, but really it's my spit
I come from the streets, I'm not from the burbs
Although I stay in the burbs, I come from the streets
Money hungry hustlers tryin to make ends meet
Stingy young brothas when we walk we sqeak
Have money, have street, have heart
I ain't tryin to bunt, I'm trying to go out the park
I'm on deck, Sick Wid It Records I rep
I'm a vet but I spit like a youngster from the set
I ain't trippin, I knew it was political
They left us out 'tha Top 50, me and Mystikal
I rap fast but you can quote my rhymes
The greatest game spitter of all time
The most underrated rapper in the game
But everybody wanna use my slang

I don't know what they was thinkin
When they thought what they was thinkin
But they shouldn't have thought that
I've been a hustla since birth
So when the haul me off and put me up in that hearse
remember this here verse, I did a song with Fred Durst
As far as the independent underground scene I was the first
To get a big deal, couple a mil and some mo
See that was some change, that was some scrilla back in '94
Playa been eatin off that bill for a while
Always dig me I never change my style
I gave it to ya raw and uncut, 75% of the words I made it up
You ask me why I speak the real way I feel
How come E-40 so groovy, and y'all so game goofy
Partly from the fact that I'm a force
They never put me on the cover of The Source

Next day, they can't trace the calls
I change numbers like a playa changes draw's
I'm havin' money, money long stretch like a bungee
when Easter comes around ask