Daniel e Samuel

Worth a Try

His path is difficult to tread
So many thorns pra step
But go ahead, try, do not give up no

It is more beautiful the courage to fight
The wounded do not stop, but try

If you need to cry
Every tear to God has its price
I see the winter through
It is summer is worth a fresh start

In this branch of the flower has thorns
In this valley has an angel of the Lord
Who is fighting against your progress
Soon you will have to applaud your success
Who said you was nothing
'll Have to do to get you hear silence
Have you ever been humiliated
But God will be honored
They will have to swallow

Be strong, be strong do not give up now
Try again, try, try
It has a podium to wait for you
It is worth every tear you cry
Try again, try, try
Lack little to get