Daniel Lavoie

High road to Mandalay

There's a couple of rusty pontiacs, from a lot in East L.A.
Dusty crate and its dusty mate, a trash can in the way
Down the alley, High road to Mandalay

Now Kenny got a gold chain, and a silver Cadillac
Look mama I got a gold chain, I'm never going back
Down the alley I'm on the road to Mandalay

And Mamma cried, Kenny my boy where did I go wrong
Come on Mamma life is tough, you the one taught me that song

Kenny's friend gave him a gun power to a few
Don't worry mamma just a gun, I never use it on you
Listen for the sound of kids, playing in the lane
There's a click of gold on a trigger,
Hey don't worry now it's just a game