Daniel Lavoie

100 Kilowatts

No more fish in the lagoon
Just a couple of mermaids by the pool
The breeze and the breeze
The breeze from the ventilator shaft is cool

No more sunsets on the beach
Just a hundred kilowatts of purle and peach
A 100 Kilowatts, a 100 Kilowatts
Just a 100 Kilowatts to brighten the fool

I will remember all you said to me
Always remember What you said to me

No more birds on this rocky shore
Just a CD plays at ten and four
And the view and the view
The view on the TV screen is a bore.

No more kids playing in the park
Just a couple of Rambos shooting in the dark
And the glow and the glow
The glow, isn't worth a bucket of snow