Daniel Johnston

Hickory Stick Love

Well I just don't know
If she's ever gonna show
Be a thousand years
Of nothing to go
And it feels like murder
When love don't come around

It looks like nothin'
When nothin's around
Then like somethin'
It's bound to be done
And you just don't know
When nothin' shows up anyhow

Well something's bound to happen
You never know about it
Any old day

When you're waiting on something to happen
It just doesn't show
Waiting on certain somethings
Something's bound to show

You're waiting on a certain something
Something's bound to take its place
And it'll feel just right

That's just the way it goes
Like two marshmallows on a hickory stick
You're bound eternally
And the fire burns your face
Ain't nothing gonna stop you
From your eternal fate

That's love, that's love for you now
And love ain't nothing but great

You gotta know forever
It's the future of outer space

It can happen when you're young
It can happen when you're old
It can happen forever
Whether you're meek or you're bold

It can happen right now
It may never happen anyhow

But you've seen it happen a million times
On the movies, on your TV shows
But it happens a million times
When you're just ordering a hamburger

Believe it, it's destiny,
It's in the stars
And you are who you are
And it's always going on
So love it, love it,
Live it, live it right now
You're a star, you're a star!
Believe it!