Daniel Johnston

Country Song

Well, it's been a long time since I've had a drink of alcohol
Since the babies grieved and grandma lost a leg
There ain't no sense in draggin' the lake anymore
There are bats in the belfry and there's liquor at the store

Oh I've had a look or two at her figure at times
That girl in her tight wearin' bra drivin' me out of my mind
And there ain't no sense in rememberin' nothin' for score
'Cause my dad fought the japs in the war
And - and - snd there ain't any more

If I was thinkin' about Thelesa
How she tempted me in the basement
Recording every noise I made
There weren't no sense in what they had to say
'Cause they're tryin' to kill me and they say it's judgment day

When I think of her lips the way she had 'em at the store that night
The undertaker was waitin' in the parking lot
She told me I'd be going to find myself in a desperate way
It was the best moment of my life

If you think that they'll find you it really doesn't matter
I'll try my best to save you from the flatterer
There ain't no sense in cryin' 'cause I'm gonna win in the end
And you'll all be sittin' 'round havin' a good time