Claude Kelly

I Can Change Ya Life (com Lloyd)

Just give me a little more time
A little time to work out these words in my mind
I wish that you could look in my eyes
and see i'm really hurting so deeply inside
Cause all the things that i said i know i was wrong
when i told you pack you're things i took it too far

He used to abuse you, he only used you
get on my level,
i can change you're life
If you let me , i can do it
I know just what you need
i can change you're life.
I can make you happy
Girl if you let me
I'll make you're thoughts all complete
I can change your life.

I'm sorry
I can be a little stubborn it's true
and i know sometimes that i take my pain out on you
But you know me best you know what i've been through
and you should know by now that over all i really love you

Cause all the things that i said i know i was wrong
When i told you pack your things i took it too far


I know just what your needin
Let me provide it
there's no need to fight this thing
the silly little things i slip and say
you're ready to move on
leave me here and walk away
it would only take one word to make you stay
& thats sorry .
Yes one word...thats all...why's it soo hard to say
hard to say i'm sorry......
It's one word.
No more, to get you home today.
But it's hard to say I'm sorry.
Baby I'm sorry.