See The Truth

Let me talk to the women for a second
You see I know what I got and I know it dont get much better than that
But at the same time some times I see these girls and I'm like know?
Back in the day they never payed me much attention
But I guess what they say is true
When your taken your alot more tempting

Yea, I like a girl when she smilin but some how it make me frown mentally it kinda break me down
See I always keep a real talk thats how I shake my sound.
So when my wife hear the track she might hate me now
This aint what u used to its a sure rabuddle
Its a scoreless settle made me more than trouble
As a kid girls tole me I was bored and level now they feelin and tellin me I'm a gorgeous fellow
Wow I appreciate that, thank you very much you look really good too but I aint supposed to touch
I told you before class aint this appetite
Buts its a fact in life
Gotta keep a happy wife
And I aint perfect, nope, there aint a man who is
Its just sometimes I think I need the chance to live
And my girl isnt stupid, she knows whats up
With these hoes and sluts, and all my shows and stuff dancin on the dance floor tryin to show their stuff another girl front row trin to hold my nuts
But I'm a man so I glance and I soak it up
But if I take it any further tho I know I'm f***ed

Its like damn
You know what I mean
I see these girls on the street like damn
Goin to the mall right I saw a girl on the bus like damn
On tour I saw these girls on the road like damn
I cant do a damn thing I gotta look fast cause I'm lookin at my ring
Yea huh it feels good
Most the time things feel good you aint supposed to do
Like I said I aint perfect
But I'm tryin to be hah yeaa yea

Now I dont usually write tracks about dealin wit chicks
Exept wats real and thats as real as it gets
I just write about life and how I'm dealin with it
I dont decide on what I spit on or how appealin it is..nope
I aint the guy with the girl have naked in his video tryin to give a half ass titty show
Dont need a dick tease clothed on my tv
I watched a mass on the internet to releave me
I love a girl with some curves and shape
Lookin innocent but freakin when we're burnin j
I see girls on the street and I wonder what if?
Then I loose all control and think of my dick
Think about sexin sweatin switchin positions
Then I think about my giel and if we switched positions and if she was wearin my shoes and had the same chance
I know I couldnt take it sein her touchin another man
I gotta keep the truth and between and me and you made a promise to eachother and I'm tryin to see it true girl
Its hard tho shit I cant lie cause alot of beautiful women are catchin my eye like damn..

I see this girl at the beach like damn
When we go to the club right id see these girls and I'm like damn
I see these girls all the time like damn
I cant do a damn thing
I gotta look fast cause I'm starin at my ring yea hah theres alot of beautiful women around
I can peak right?

You know I'm tryin to keep things as real as possible my girl
As much as I see these days
I just hope she understands me
But then again shes the only girl that understands me