Classics IV

God Knows I Loved Her

Desperately she needed me
But I was not around
Faithfully she trusted me
But I just let her down
Yes, it's true, I broke her heart
And made her castles fall
But I loved her
God knows I loved her

The saddest tears I've ever seen
Were tears I made her cry
The saddest words I've ever heard
Were when she said goodbye
But much too late I realized
The saddest part of all

I loved her
I really loved her
I loved her
God knows I loved her

Ah, but she never knew it
'Cause I never let it show
Ask me why did I do it
I don't know
I don't know

God knows I'd be a different me
If I had the chance again
I'd love her
God knows I'd love her
God know I'd love her