Clarity Process

In The Spill

It's over again.
This time for good,
You said I cut an angel's skin.
Slip into bottles,
I watched you sink.
The tides won't wash away the stains of all you left behind.
Behind you were safe.
Wish for yesterday and find it wasted on smoking cigarettes and proving your case.
Same dissonant sound rings in your ears like friendship withers cold.
Smoke your cigarette.
Winter is closer than you think.
Closer than you think about your promises and guns.
But you're the only one laughing,
Telling, whispering secrets I let go of a long time ago.
Concrete walls are built to separate us from them,
But now you stand with such bad art.
These concrete walls are built to separate the guilty from the poor and you're just ten miles away.
Friendship still stands in the doorway, but you left your heart behind you.