Clarice Sweer

Do Not Forget


I knew that was you to
Who would do me falling in love
So easy, so sweet

Their love
looked so pure and real
But no, I knew already
You did not used like this

His gaze was
the prettiest and
His smile was
equal of a child,
his laugh
it was the most fun of all

Do not forget

So it was that I met you
That summer of February
I knew that was a true love,
this was true
But my mistake was believing in you

Your signs, your smiles, their "love"
Made me believe in false expectations
And made ??me dive into disappointments
I'm not ready to say goodbye

Dying young
on account of this love
something is wrong

Will be that you feel the same?
Does you think of me
Just as
I into you?

Recall the letter
hearts that had
and true words
that said
"I always loved you and will always love"

Do not forget