Less Than = To You

You're so bright

You've learned all the rules

There are some things you won't learn in schools

They always have something to sell

Trust no one, not even yourself

So tempting

So hard to refuse

You just might have something to lose

The good life will work you to death

A fair price for killing yourself

The good and the evil are even from what I can tell

But not everything is equal and some things you bring on yourself

Just act like you mean it

Sometimes that can help

Care nothing of material wealth

Yo're asking a lot of yourself

A hardroad to follow your heart

Be sure that's who you really are

We value all people as long as we measure in gold

Not everyone's equal and most of us do what we're told

Manners aside

The comfort of home but the rules don't apply

They'll climb through your phone flashing colorful light

I swear that you're worth what you owe

Then act like you need it and never let go

Nice try, we won't be manipulized

By the bright lights, smoke and mirrors

No we won't be hypnotized

We're nameless, empty faces, slightly civilize