I Was Here

So young and full of sparks

That feeling's wearing off

They're few and far between the fractions

Keep focus, stay on track

Straight ahead and don't look back

Nothing to see here but distractions

Don't set your aim so far

You'll end up right back where you are

You need more mistakes to find direction

Believe you're good for something still

Though you hide the something well

You'll be running on empty soon

What the hell has got into you

Through what ever I'm by your side

We'll stick together, we'll be all right

Throw out the plan you had

That shape who you'd become instead

The consequence of all your actions

Throw caution to the breeze

Make some love or make believe

What you can do with your ambition

Live life to leave your mark

I was here, when you were not

Just make a mess of what you're given