Cabeza de Martillo



Listen, for I have dreamed with a sea
A sea full of blood
And saw people running
And dying in misery?
But it's just a dream?.

Then turned my head to look away
And saw a giant destroying himself
His guts were spilled throughout the world
And starving masses devour what's left

The wisest one drank his blood
And felt the power within their bones
Then he grew in strength and, with no sense
They started fighting within themselves
One by one then all fell and everything
Starts again!

Many times I have dreamed
I have seen the end of human race
I know people's darkside
And all their vanity
But it's just a dream?

We have inherited the world from our ancestors
We just borrowed it from our descendants
Take my message while you can
How many more kinds of life will have to die?

It is not late to realize:
Destruction of our planet
Is a price much too high?
Is a price much, too, High!

Hear my crave
Before it's too late
There is no fate
Only greed and hate.