This is not the life that I had planned
I'm standing on a patch of sinking sand
The man I thought I once would be is far from where I am
And this pain staking process is wearing me thin again

Come into this broken dream and breathe down on me breathe down on me
Sing yourself through a melody and breathe down on me breathe down on me

I can't remember where it all went wrong
Before I knew it all of me was gone
But when I lost it all that's when my life truly began
And I found myself secure in the palm of your hand again

(Brian Reith copyright 2009)

Behind the Song:
"A couple years ago I was at a point in my career where I was at a standstill. A lot of things had not panned out and years had passed me by. It was as if my life had taken off and led me to a desert I never intended on visiting, much less dwelling there for quite some time. Sitting in my room with a guitar in my hand, the opening line came out: "this is not the life that I had planned." A few months later I stumbled across Isaiah 43:19: "I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." That is what Breathe is about. It is a prayer for God to breathe His life and love into my soul. To bring back to life the dreams He gave me years ago. To "sing Himself through a melody." To give life to the things I touch, to establish the work of my hands and restore to me the joy of His salvation." - B.Reith