B.J. Thomas

Most Of All


Hello darlin', my it's good to hear you
I'm at the railroad station in St. Paul
How are all the folks, I'd love to see 'em
But, girl, I'd love to see you most of all

Well I've been staring at the rain
And I've been thinkin'
Ever since the train lest Montreal,
Thought I'd always
Love this life I'm living
But now I know I love you most of all

Many times before
I know I swore
That I'd come home
To stay...
But it always seems
That the foolish dreams
And trains got in my way

Tomaorrow there will be snow in Minnesota
But I won't be around to watch it fall
I'll be heading for that old familiar station
Hopin' you still love me...most of all

Girl, you know I love you most of all
I miss ya, baby, most of all
I miss ya baby, most of all