B.J. Thomas

How Foolish


How could I ever have been so foolish
To have fallen in love with you
I believed all your lies
Right through your good-byes
Just how foolish
How foolish can one fool be

Ohh ohh ohh ahh ahh
Do you remember the times you said you loved me
Ahh those words are no secret in my heart
Now everything is gone
Boy you led me on
Just how foolish
How foolish can one fool be

I could see the end was coming
Long before it came
I could feel your kiss grow colder
But that was part of your game
Yeah I kept wishing
Praying with all my heart
That things would someday be the same

Aww but things can never be the same
Aww now take it from the sad heart inside of me
I hope someone hears my plea
And is made to see
Just how foolish
One fool can be
Ohh ahh oh yeah
I was a fool
I was a fool and you broke my heart
Oh yeah
Ahh ahh ahh ahh