B.J. Thomas

Best Friend

He's my best friend
Aww but I didn't always know it
Ya know people would try to tell me
But I just wouldn't listen
I was just caught up in the world
Having a good time with my friends
But ya know
My woman was praying for me
You see she knew I was in trouble
Yeah and one day I was feeling real bad
And I turned to the people I thought were my friends
And you know I found out real soon
I didn't have any friends
And I started feeling real sorry for myself
I was filled with self pity
And ya know when you're filled with self pity
You're just as empty as you can be
And that was me

I was ragged
Tattered and torn
I was filled with self pity
Ashamed and forlorn
The king of losers
Was my claim to fame
Yes loser was my middle name
Then one day
I heard someone speak of a friend
And his words were glowing and kind
And I thought to myself
I don't have a best friend
Not one name
Would come to my mind

Ohh ohh
But my eyes started raining
Ands the fire built up in my soul
The empty vessel I had become
Started filling to overflow
And the spirit of God
Spoke so clearly
My child
You are born again
You are born again
And I'm your best friend