The Colour Of My Dreams

And if do dream i dream your like
Pink and green and white
Blue and gray and light
And if i do wish
I wish your right
Right here by my side
Like the pink and green and white
The colour of my dreams tonight
The colour of my dreams tonight
The colour of my dreams
The colour of my dreams

When you fall in a deep sleep
Let me be the one that you seek
Make you dream pleasant things
Thoughts of love as angels sing
Make you see a clear blue day
Watch the sun shine our way
As i hold you near
Make you feel no signs of fear
But only treasure the pleasure
When we are together
Now we'll never be apart
But share one heart
I wanna be your guiding light
Be the one you feel is right
When you give your all
I'll be the one to call


Fly you to a place rarely seen
Breathe the air smell of spring
As you take my hand
We'll take a walk
Through miles of white sand
Take a look out at he sea
Enjoy the view of harmony
Roll in tall green grass
And make the moment last forever
And one more day
As we kiss and we play
Showing colours of love
That kind of love your dreaming of
Watch the sun
Shine bright as flowers
Bloom from the light
But when it clears
I hope to be near
My dear