Baron Blade

My Guitar Cries

From the corner in my room
I watch the sun - goes down so soon
I wonder why I fear the dark tonight

Here I am with my guitar alone
torn heart screams from the bottom of my soul
tonight I don't wanna be any more

There's been one day, remember,
seems so far ago
You came to me, retrieved my soul

I wonder where has gone
fortune from yesterday
nothing, nothing is the same.

All those memories in my mind
it's hard, I'm tryin but I still can't find
the time when I fell to the ground

I feel I'm bleeding somewhere deep inside
the wood of my guitar speaks of pain o'mine
and cries, it hurts to feel survived

You took my hand
you kissed my face
and I prayed
you melted my heart away
and showed me light of the day

But now it all has gone
and I had to realize:

If there is somethin nice for me
it always lasts for short
it is here to hurt me more
to hurt me more when it is gone

I'm lyin' here whithout you, my love
missin' your eyes
as my guitar cries in my arms
I'm lyin' here whithout you darlin'
missin' your smile
as my guitar cries in my arms
as my guitar cries in my arms

If you told me to cry for you I could
and if you told me to die for you -
- you know it that I would
but today nothing is same
and only thing that has stayed is pain

chorus: ...