Baron Blade

I Will Survive

My enemies all behind me
My sword is still standing by my side
My desires all blown away
God, bring me death if I should ever fail
I´m all alone noone is here
Only my horse understands me
I´m riding free, I´m riding fast
Who´s against me, who´s the next?


And after all I will survive
Noone could fly as high as I
This is my way - a trip to nowhere
Even I don´t know what am I lookin´ for

And from this height I saw bleeding world
Hearts full of pain, hearts full of hate
Threating me, threating each other
What´s this good for, it´ll have to fall


I was always on the run, endless fear of what I´ve done
What are we livin´for? Don´t lie to me any more!