Baron Blade

Fire Blade

My thoughts are goin´ back
To the times when my life was so black
dark and so empty
with a heart full of hatred
Ghosts and the beasts ruled the world
People were blind and defenceless there
But one day from a hole in the sky
Bright light came rumbling down
brought me a sword
with an eternal force
The ground shook and started to pound
Never known fear crept into my heart


Beautiful voices that I have never heard
told me to kneel and to start to pray
Shown me the way by the fire of the blade
And took my mind all over the world
Your mission is to punish the evil
to help the good and to win
Never retreat never come back
this is the way to redeem your sins

Daylight came into my heart
First I saw the sun and the stars
I saw the evil
And crying people
I´d rather die if I can´t stop it all
But if - in fight only with my sword



Power of blade of mine
Immortal sign, my fire blade
fear in your eyes
Don´t touch my sword
if you want to live
´cause it´s serving only to me...
This bloody blade and mission to win
these are my dues for my old sins
After my death there will have to be a man
with heart to share and courage to bear my blade...