Baron Blade

Also The Dragon Cries

Once the fire burning much higher
higher than highlands are governing
filled up the skies and its light was seen
in every country and in every land
I stood up from the dust´n´bones
and in the fire and the smoke
I was born!
And noone could remember?
?remember my name?

Rising up to the skies to watch the earth
Fighting the evil, that´s my fate
Punish the bad and help the good
But after years has come my doom
I saw her eyes and her hair
and realized my own face

I was born to fight and to kill
and not to love and not to feel
But why do I feel the pain in my chest
and why am I hiding now my ugly face?
And then she saw me
but I ran away to my cave


I was born to hit the skies
And not to die for lies
Also the dragon cries?

Her people told her about me
But they only lied ´cause of their fear
Fear of my wings and of my teeth
But they've never known who protected
them and their ancestors for all of those years